How local business Dalisay promotes Filipino culture amid the pandemic

Many local businesses took their trade onto different online platforms, hoping to reach anyone who might be interested in what they have to offer. Dalisay, a local business, shares their experience in adapting towards the changes brought by the pandemic, all while staying true to their vision of promoting Filipino culture.

At the heart of Dalisay

Derived from the Tagalog word for purity and sincerity, Dalisay is grounded in the idea of producing goods made by the Filipinos and for the Filipinos. Born from the need to create something different, Dalisay began with a genuine desire to go back to our cultural roots, until it grew into a business dedicated in promoting our colorful culture through handmade products.

In an online interview with The HERALDO FILIPINO, Martin Sese, owner of Dalisay shared that, “Kada ibibigay nating produkto sa kanila, eh nahawakan natin or nabigyan natin ng pagmamahal yung bawat produkto na binigay natin sa kanila.” 

Founded in 2019, one key characteristic of their products is the human touch, sold in variations of handmade ID lanyards, scarves, tote bags, and brooches as seen in Dalisay’s Facebook page and  Instagram account. They also customize staples for special occasions like bow tie, necktie and sablay. The Philippine textiles they use depend on the event as a form of respect to culture, whether it is for everyday use, for celebrations, or for formal ceremonies. 

Dalisay has in mind a return to our local roots through the use of local materials, mentioning the influence of westernization to our culture as we know it today. 

“As much as possible, lahat ng products namin or lahat ng materials namin ay sana manggaling sa Pilipinas, parang ganu’n, ‘yun yung pinaka-aim namin, […] pagbabalik-loob namin sa mga natutunan namin, pagbabalik-loob natin sa Pilipinas,” he added.

In promoting what is ours, Sese emphasizes how we must keep in touch with our past, recognizing how those who have lived before us have shaped our world today.  

“On our own little ways, kaya nating mai-promote lang natin na we’re still intact with our culture, we’re still in intact (sic) with our ancestors, na unti-unti nang nawawala because of the development” he added. 

Dalisay’s vision lies in bringing Filipino culture and the Filipino identity closer to the youth, imbuing years of history and culture within their products. They encourage the youth “to wear our colors, to wear our culture, to know our culture.”

On adapting to the pandemic

 Without a doubt, the past few months have brought many unforeseen changes upon us, as many local businesses like Dalisay turned to the online world in order to continue their operations and reach more people.

Initially, Dalisay intended to establish the location of their business in Metro Manila, partnering with artisan markets. However, plans have been altered, which resulted in the business closing their location and pulling out their items. 

When asked about how Dalisay adapted to the changes brought by the pandemic, Sese described the need of having new ideas in order to cater to the needs of the people. They have thought of making face masks that became a necessity nowadays, where their handmade flair in using local textiles is never lost and staying true to their vision of promoting Filipino culture.

In times where we continue to face challenges, local business Dalisay believes that this is not the time to give up, encouraging other local businesses to strive and carry on.

Tuloy niyo lang, kahit anong mangyari, tuloy lang,” Sese stated.


Prior to their interview with The HERALDO FILIPINO, Dalisay has also been featured in other media platforms such as TV5’s evening radio show Wag Po in 2019 and ABS-CBN’s segment Swak na Swak last July.

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