Explained: What really happened with USG’s ‘DLSUD Patriot House’ renaming


  • August 14: The social media accounts of the University Student Government (USG) were changed to “DLSUD Patriot House.”
  • August 18: Then USG Acting President Jason Real issued Executive Order (EO) 1, stating that the USG seat and Executive Department be referred to as “THE PATRIOT HOUSE.”
  • August 22: Followers of the “DLSU-D University Student Government” Facebook page were notified on the change to “DLSUD Patriot House.”
  • August 28: College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Government (CLACSG) released a statement on USG’s “non-compliance” with the Constitution, likewise questioning the constitutionality of the EO released.
  • September 1: The USG renamed the official Facebook page to “DLSUD USG” from “DLSUD Patriot House”.
  • September 11: In a meeting with CLACSG, Vice President Jason Real (then acting president) explained that the issue of renaming the Facebook page was not previously addressed due to the fact that it immediately drew flak, giving no chance for USG to explain their side.

Renaming the official University Student Government (USG) Facebook page was an accidental “trial” left unchanged due to a Facebook policy that limits name change once every seven days, USG Vice President Jason Real explained.

Noong August 22, ang totoong nangyari diyan ita-try lang talaga namin. Trial lang. Within after one minute mapalitan siya, ibabalik dapat sa USG,” Real explained. “Ang nangyari, si Facebook ang policy, bigla na lang nag-notify na one week ‘yung pagbalik.”

Then acting president Jason Real issued Executive Order (EO) 1 on August 18, specifying that the USG seat and the Executive Department be called “THE PATRIOT HOUSE.”

Addressing constitutionality

The official Facebook page was changed to “DLSUD Patriot House” on August 14. On August 22, the renaming drew various reactions from students on social media for its “branding” and raising concerns on its constitutionality.

“The Executive Order that they released, hindi siya pumunta sa House of Representatives and Senate which completely violated [Article IV, Executive Department,] Section 14 of our Constitution,” CLACSG Governor Charliemagne Asuncion said, explaining that there was no High Court to declare the filed EO as valid or invalid.

The provision of the USG Constitution reads “The President may issue executive orders, proclamations, determinations, administrative orders, and other directives necessary for the fulfillment of the noble objectives of the University Student Government … until the High Court shall have declared them invalid or inconsistent with the Constitution.”

Real furthered that the EO is a special power of the president as stated in the Constitution to issue directives without consultation or permission of the Congress.

It raised concerns that the High Court, aside from the president, has the power to repeal EOs upon queries on constitutionality, which was not fully functional by the time of release of the EO, the CLACSG expressed.

“Rebranding” draws flak

In response to the moniker change, various students have also expressed disapproval and disappointment over the EO, claiming that the USG prioritized “rebranding” over addressing concerns about the USG Constitution.

Aldrin Agullana, former co-officer of USG Vice President Jason Real, issued a statement claiming how the “THE PATRIOT HOUSE” was a “mistake.”

Marahil ay di naman sinasadya na palitan na lang basta ng ‘DLSUD Patriot House’ ang pangalan ng facebook (sic) page. Regardless kung sinuman yung nagpalit, sayo pa rin galing yung ‘order’,” the statement read.

Despite all raised concerns, the USG Vice President stands on his ground on the functionality and constitutionality of the EO and claims responsibility over his “mistakes,” adding that the Patriot House is something for a  “nickname” for the office seat of the USG.

The official USG Facebook page has been renamed back to “DLSUD University Student Government” from “DLSUD Patriot House” on September 1.

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