CCJESG draws flak from netizens after “do not generalize” tweet

College of Criminal Justice and Education Student Government (CCJESG) drew flak from DLSU-D students and netizens on Twitter after appealing to stop the stereotyping of criminology students due to the recent case of police brutality in Paniqui, Tarlac on December 20. 

Two days ago, on December 23, CCJESG posted a series of tweets in defense of criminology students who are on the receiving end of  “hate posts” after the widely contested murder of Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio.

To clarify the said tweet, CCJESG emphasized having choices to do the right or wrong thing and replied that “a crime committed by some is not a crime committed by all”.

Several Twitter users stressed the college student government’s lack of response about the victims of the shooting, upset that CCJESG “promoted the culture of impunity” instead. 

Consequently, user @rumples0924 was confused on CCJESG’s reply about generalizing criminology students, asserting that the tweets were made in response to the DLSU-D Pre-Law Society’s (DPLS) statement, which took a stand against police brutality and the culture of impunity within the police force.

According to the netizen, the sudden tweets of the college student government seemed to be an indirect reply to the DPLS statement as CCJESG did not provide any context in their post.


Prior to the tweets, DPLS already responded to some criminology students and alumni who got offended by their statement’s usage of the term “kriminolohiya” last December 21.

“It is in our jurisdiction to acknowledge that the concerns raised are valid. It was solved earlier yesterday, when our team pointed out the difference of criminology as a course that is taken in an undergraduate program to a discipline which tackles the criminal justice system in our country,” DPLS said in a follow-up statement on December 22.


This is a response to the claims of some criminology students and alumni on the use of word “kriminolohiya” which was…

Posted by DLSUD Pre-Law Society on Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Meanwhile, CCJESG also denied the speculated association of their tweets with the DPLS statement, saying that they neither justify nor support any kind of human rights violation.


Additionally, some students asked the college student government to publicly condemn the recent case of police brutality and extra-judicial killings (EJK) in the country rather than the generalization of criminology students. 


As of press time, the tweet garnered over a hundred quote retweets from students inside and outside the University. While CCJESG has yet to release an official statement about the Gregorio murder case in any of their social media accounts.


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